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         PRIOR TO CLASS 

        Make sure to hydrate well and have a light snack.

        Arrive at the gym at least 15-minutes prior to class so we can show you around and introduce you to your coach!·

        If you are taking a NBHD class, make sure to where shoes that allow you to squat, run and move in comfort. 

        Notify your coach if you have any concerns, injuries, or questions.·

        One of our coaches will be with you the entire workout to help answer any questions and have a great time.



        NBHD Burn

        A 60-minute, fast paced full-body workout designed to burn fat, get sweaty and get stronger.

        Your coach will cue and demo the movements as he takes you through the workout of the day.

        Our burn class will typically feature a variety of body weight movements combined with basic dumbbell movements for your ultimate sculpting and burning workout

        NBHD Metcon

        A 60-minute  workout that focuses on a specific muscle group (i.e. lower body, upper body, core, etc.) and/or exercise style (i.e. cardio, strength training, conditioning, etc.).

        Your coach will take you through a warm-up and get you ready for the workout ahead.

        You will be in a class with your neighborhood fam where you will receive encouragement, corrections, and support from your coach throughout the class. 

        NBHD Flex

        NBHD Flex is designed to have you feel good and look even better. This program emphasizes muscle gain with a functional bodybuilding approach. If you're ready to sculpt that body and get summer ready this is the program for you.

        Your coach will cue and demo drills as your mirror image to ensure the class moves together.



        Please stay for the stretch! We take recovery very serious at Neighborhood and believe targeted stretching is a vital component of each and every one of your workouts.

        Listen to the coach for any necessary announcements!



        We require that all guests sign a waiver and check in  prior to taking class. If a client does not sign in at the 5-minute mark before class begins, their spot in class may be given away to someone on the waitlist.

        We ask that guests remain off of their phones during classes. It can be both distracting and dangerous to our members.